drue langlois

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Curatorial Statement

Though Drue Langlois was a member of art collaborative The Royal Art Lodge at the time it was made, his sculpture, PALSY WITH POLIO, is from his own repetoire of images and narratives rather than the collective’s. Nonetheless, the work conjures up themes heavy on the agenda of the Royal Art Lodge -- the slap-stick of the Marx brothers, the balletic drama of Buster Keaton, and the desired faux iconography of a drugstore cowboy. The title plays with the formal sculptural treatment even further: both Palsy and Polio are debilitating muscle ailments, and the two characters in Langlois’s sculpture are made entirely of felt, a material which seemingly would not be sturdy enough to hold the figurative, upright, unparalyzed forms. By poking fun at our sense of what a sculpture is (in the most traditional figurative sense), the soft PALSY WITH POLIO even creeps into the viewer’s consciousness of the frozen form as sculpture, as well as the sculpture as commemorative portraiture (then again, given the artist’s and the collective’s penchant for narrative of the absurd, maybe I’m reading too much into it).

Devon Dikeou