tracy nakayama

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Curatorial Statement

Tracy Nakayama’s "Art for the Practicing Heterosexual" first appeared in zingmagazine 12, and literally readdressed the idea of sexuality through the use of pornography, as a continual subject for art. While certainly aware of male predecessors such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Larry Clark, and Richard Kern, her work takes on a decidedly feminine point of view/Feminine Gaze. Her imagery is culled from her library of pornographic magazines dating from the '60s—80s, and a cast of people from her personal life. Typically executed in ink on paper within the sepia range, the work in the Dikeou Collection comes from several different years or evolutions. Many of the works coyly poke fun at different sexual fantasies, poses, games, and practices using a wide range of supplemental tools from footballs, nets, steamer trunks, horses, to classical sculpture. Others reveal different cultural indulgences/fashion practices from tattoos, '70s graphics and sayings, to the act of sharing Cutty Sark, while still others simply revel in both anticipation of climax and post-coital morning after bathing. By taking the banal and the grand, the exciting and the monotonous, the manufactured and exoticised, the artist edits, manipulates, and re-models found scenarios to create a new feminine personal topography of sometimes soft, sometimes hard pornographically charged sexuality , bringing them to challenging new frontiers.

Devon Dikeou