tracy nakayama

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Artist's Statement

My new work continues to explore the practice of human sexuality by referencing pornography, film, and music. This sexual engagement transforms the glossy, iconic softcore to beautiful, delicate drawings and warm washes of color. I never intended to capture the nostalgia of the '70s. I am however, a big collector of porn magazines. I'm mainly interested in the ephemeral quality of them, considering that most porn exists on DVD and the internet. The images don't necessarily come from that particular genre, but come from the '60s, all the way to the early '80s and sometimes include friends, lovers, and acquaintances. Because my subject matter deals with female sexuality, people always want to sensationalize the work. I spend a lot of time editing images, trying to turn the finished drawing into something that captures a specific moment that's meaningful on many different levels.

Tracy Nakayama